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Dr. Richard Bluhm

Room 1501-030
Office Hours: Mondays 14.30-15.30 hrs (appointment by email) 
Phone.: +49 511 / 762 5655

Research Interests

  • Economic growth
  • Political economy
  • Applied econometrics
  • Development economics


  • Bluhm, R., de Crombrugghe, D., Szirmai, A.  (2018). Poverty accounting. European Economic Review, Vol. 104. (link to gated version)
  • Bluhm, R., de Crombrugghe, D., Szirmai, A.  (2016). The dynamics of stagnation. Macroeconomic Dynamics, Vol. 20(8). (link to revised version)

 Recent Working Papers

  • Bluhm, R., Gassebner, M., Langlotz, S. and Schaudt, P. (2016). Fueling Conflict? (De)Escalation and Bilateral Aid", CESifo Working Paper Series 6125, CESifo Group Munich. 
  • Bluhm, R., Thomsson, K. (2015). Ethnic divisions, political institutions and the duration of declines: A political economy theory of delayed recovery. UNU-MERIT Working Paper 2015-003. Maastricht, United Nations University.
  • Bluhm, R., de Crombrugghe, D., Szirmai, A. (2014). Do weak institutions prolong crises? On the identification, characteristics, and duration of declines during economic slumps. CESifo Working Paper Series 4594, CESifo Group Munich.